Shine 2013: Tales of Mentoring

by Laura Guzman Aguilar

In a recent book, 10 Who Mentor,  Denise Korn writes, “For those who aspire to lead creative lives and who negotiate complex, challenging career paths as a result of those ambitions, mentoring often feels like second nature.” My experience as a SHINE mentee has proved this statement to be true. I have seen it in my mentor, Mila Arrisueño. This is her second year participating in the program and she has been nothing but willing to help, always able to find time in her busy schedule.

Creative souls have an innate desire to collaborate, and they seek out environments where they can nurture their talents with kindred spirits.

Mila was also happy to introduce me to her friend, Mira Arzam who is currently enrolled in the program in the MICA Social Design Masters Program. I had expressed interest early on and Mira was happy to share her knowledge and kindly answered all of my questions.

During the SHINE kick-off party I also met Liz-Rose Chmela, another participating mentor and founder of Made By We. Made By We is a for-benefit design studio that partners with do-good organizations to help them rethink their communication strategies. After a brief conversation, we learned about our mutual interest in Social Design. I reached out to her, and she agreed to take me as her intern for a few hours every week. Liz has been another kind of mentor. Her work and passion are really inspiring and I’ve truly enjoyed working with her.

So it is true when Denise Korn writes, “Creative souls have an innate desire to collaborate, and they seek out environments where they can nurture their talents with kindred spirits.” I’ve seen it in myself and in my mentors and the other wonderful people I met through SHINE. That is why I encourage designers to participate. SHINE sets up a kind of environment where amazing people get together to share knowledge and learn from one another.

Laura Guzman Aguilar is a graphic designer who is participating as a mentee in SHINE 2013.
Mila Arrisueño is a SHINE 2013 mentor and an art director at

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